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Coronavirus Alert: Risk of Cross-Bore Encounters Rises Due to Mishandling of Disinfecting Wipes

One side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is the increase in sewer blockages across the US as Americans clean with disinfecting wipes to keep themselves and their families healthy. Unfortunately, too often they flush the used wipes instead of throwing them in the trash.

The increased use of so-called “flushable” or “septic-safe” wipes has already been a sewage problem for years, as these wipes bind with fats and oils, clogging local sewer systems and harming home plumbing. Disinfectant wipes were never intended to be flushed and are compounding this problem. The result is more drain cleaning in laterals, which heightens the risk of plumbers encountering existing cross bores. (A cross bore occurs when underground natural gas pipes have been inadvertently installed through sewer or septic pipes.)

Dispose of disinfectant wipes in waste bins instead of flushing them, and encourage your family, friends and customers to do the same. Spread the word!