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[dropcap2]Is[/dropcap2] your sewer or septic line clogged or backing up? Are you ready to rent equipment or call someone to clear it out? Before you do – Call Before You Clear – Know What’s Inside.

Throughout the nation, utilities are joining together to let people know about the possibility that some underground natural gas pipes have been inadvertently installed through sewer or septic pipes – a situation commonly known as a “cross bore”. Cross bores can be dangerous because the mechanical equipment used to unclog sewer and septic pipes can easily penetrate a natural gas pipe and lead to the dangerous release of natural gas.

So before you attempt to clear a sewer or septic pipe, or have it cleared by someone else, contact the natural gas utility serving the area to ensure there are no conflicts with underground natural gas pipes.

Don’t assume you know what’s inside. Protect yourself and those around you – Call Before You Clear – Know What’s Inside.